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French Eiffel Tower Rental: Our Showpiece Funpark Rental $999

Lovers escape to your own French Cottage next door to a 1/20th scale Eiffel Tower. Sit and enjoy glasses of wine nestled aloft the Keuka Eiffel Tower then retreat to your romantic hot spot with a giant bell to ring often! Enjoy the earthy cordwood and recycled bottle and can walls with an earth sculptured turtle smiling at you in the shower and happy sculpted frog to greet you! Passive earth tubes will keep you cool from overheating and in the cooler times a Korean Ondol woodfired floor heating will keep you warm and cozy! A kitchenette, large living room, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with shower await you.

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Mt. Everest Rental $999

At our mountaintop resort enjoy the majestic sights of Mt. Everest, a sculpted earth stove, recycled bottle walls, cargo container construction with a large living room, kitchenette, 2 bedrooms, and a bathroom with shower. Keep cool in the summer with earth tubes which run thru the ground to provide sustainable cooling. Open a door and enter a magical funland with a giant marble run, operation game, ol fashion carnival games, haunted room, and a pool table.

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Ama Dablam Rental $999

Enjoy a taste of the Himalayas in what is called the world’s most scenic mountain located in Nepal, delight in viewing an earth sculptured woodfired oven honoring the Hindu God Ganesh,remover of obstacles in your path and offspring of Shiva. Marvel at the cargo-tecture as you shower and sleep in shipping cargo containers. Rental has a living room, brick floor bathroom, 2 bedrooms with recycled bottles and can walls, and a kitchenette. From this amazing rental open a door and enter a magical fun filled place of wonder with NE USA’s largest marble run, giant operation game, haunted room, ol fashion carnival games and pool table.

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Funhouse ONE $999

Imagine staying in an abandoned funhouse with a magical Ames Room which makes things shrink and grow! enjoy the earthy feel with cordwood and board and batten walls, rest after your exhilarating stay visiting countless wineries, breweries, distilleries and lake activities in two rustic bedrooms, bathroom with a large tiled shower awaits your relaxation.  Cozy sitting area has an earth tube for cooling.

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Group 34965 (2)

Funhouse TWO $999

What better use for an abandoned funhouse then turning it into your own place of fun! Step right up to an Ames Room that makes you shrink or grow as you walk across the floor, appreciate the cordwood rustic construction, sustainable earth tube cooling, a large Dream Big baking oven (a former wood fired baking oven sculpted in the shape of a fish in a boat), living room, two bedrooms, bathroom with shower and a kitchenette.

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